Where the Grass is Greener

Where the Grass is Greener
our own  writing spider

After a few weeks without rain, the grass is dry and hardly growing. We find ourselves buying alfalfa hay  a couple of months early (we supplement with hay over winter). The sheep are eating well, but still I loose a bit of sleep over the finer points of managing our resources. We make adjustments where we can.

Despite the drought, there is still so much of summer to be enjoyed. With subtle changes in evening light I can see that autumn is coming.  I so love this time of year!

In our garden, we harvested our purple potatoes and planted our garlic

A certain little boy is busy being a wolf

Another little boy is exploring wherever crawling and standing (and mama) will allow

The sheep are getting just a little bit woolier and those petite lambs are getting just a bit bigger

So many slow and subtle changes, if I don't take a moment to notice them, I could surly miss them.  Right here, right now, is a good place to be.