Wet Felting

I picked a rainy afternoon to do this, but a few minutes in I knew wet felting is a project best suited for outside.  All that dripping water on the table and floor!  Goodness! Really, we couldn't help the mess.

We tore off bits of wool roving, soaked them in warm soapy water, rolled them, repeated.  We made a few together before Viggo found his own rhythm.

The next day when the wool balls were dry, I set aside a dozen to make into a garland; I touched up the cracks and uneven parts with a felting needle then let the balls sit in dyes for a bit.

Now, I'm so pleased to have a whimsical little garland, and Viggo is delighted to have little woolen balls to play with. Right now they are heavy boulders for his dinosaurs to hide behind.

It is amazing how something so simple can be so satisfying. We will certainly give wet felting another go-