The  Summer  Solstice

Summer is perpetually dirty feet, cicada songs and fireflies, and (almost) living outside.  I spent yesterday evening working in the garden, transplanting seedlings and pulling weeds. The boys are putting all their attention into playing in the dirt, building stick towns and making rivers and valleys with water.  Summer.

We try to make every Solstice and Equinox festive by baking something special, making decorations, having dinner by candlelight or gathering round a bonfire. Sometimes we start a few days early with our preparations; other times our crafting and making is limited to the day of. Regardless, I try to keep everything simple.  I truly believe the purpose of celebrations is to slow down and be mindful of the here and now, and of course add a little magic and fun to our days!

To celebrate the Solstice this year, Viggo and I made our traditional sun prints.  We so love those! The process of making them is rather magical.

We had a little extra time for crafting so we also made a sun banner; with bright reds, yellows and oranges Viggo painted heavy watercolor paper using the wet-on-wet technique, then we cut out little suns and strung them into a garland. Bright and cheerful and just right for the Solstice.

We are so happy to have summer here again!