Simple Things and Small Joys

Some of our hens, enjoying the bird seed that falls from the feeders hanging above them. What the cardinals and chickadees don’t want our chickens love!

The other evening, in the dim light of dusk as I was finishing chores in the coops I noticed a few eggs nestled together in a nesting box. What a surprise! As our older hens take a break from laying over winter, I wasn’t expecting to see any until March. These eggs are the very first ones from our summer flock!

Of course we have eggs found them in every odd place- under a picnic table, in the dog house- but mostly they appear in the coops. Every day, there are more. A very happy surprise!

Like last winter, our days are spent gathered in our kitchen. The boys have the table covered with projects, and I have the counter full of dough rising, beans soaking and other good things. (And dirty dishes too. There’s always that. )

An underground house, drawn by Viggo.

Muffins made with blueberries picked and frozen last June. How good it is to have a bit of summer in January!

Homemade pasta, a bit rustic when not made with a machine but so filling and good and quick.

Soren’s favorite thing to do while I am cooking.

Yesterday we celebrated Viggo’s sixth birthday! Six seems so very big to me. Goodness.

I do believe this will be a good year!

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.