Shearing Day
Willoughby waiting his turn

Willoughby waiting his turn


Well last weekend was quite a full one! Lambs born on Saturday, and shearing on Sunday.  My husband's brother came out to help us, and over the course of a few hours our rams Phineas and Willoughby had wool sheared and hooves trimmed. My goodness, so much wool!

This is our third year shearing on our homestead.  We get better every year and with every sheep.  Our first year with the sheep I had a professional shearer scheduled, as we had no experience whatsoever.  The day passed and the shearer never came, and after a few unreturned phone calls, I realized we would just have to do it ourselves.

I ordered shears and consulted various videos and books as we waited for the clippers to arrive in the mail. We did get all of the sheep sheared without any incidents, but what a learning curve that was!

In years past, some wool is used for felting projects but I like to use most of it for knitting. I try to process all of the wool at home with a hand carder and a spinning wheel but with two little children I have fallen behind. So this year I hope to send all the wool to a fiber mill!

Weather permitting we will get the rest of the flock sheared soon!