Morning Chores

Keeping a homestead while raising young children requires a fair amount of teamwork between my husband and I. Often during the week before he heads to work, Daniel tends to the animals while I do the morning shuffle inside with the boys.

On the weekends we take turns with duties outside and in.  This morning while Daniel cooks breakfast, I head outside to do chores.

Eleanor waits for me on the back porch, covered in dew and tail wagging. I scoop her food into her dog dish then its on to the coops. The chickens are up before we are (though that is very early too it seems!), and are pacing at the coop door to come out. Once opened, they scatter to their favorite places to scratch and peck. Food and water are refilled, eggs collected. Then its time to feed the sheep, alfalfa hay which is their favorite (and they do have favorites).

The seasons dictate what chores are done and when, and our own family rhythms means sometimes chores are done with a baby on my hip, sometimes I watch from the window as Daniel makes the rounds.  Then later, one or all of us will put the homestead to bed.

But today, its me and the animals.  And so the day begins.