In January

Winter is for making.

We all gravitate to our favorite things- painting, clay, drawing and knitting.

Last night we had a winter storm roll through with a little snow, strong winds and so much ice! Today it is so very cold but the sun is out, making the whole world bright and rather lovely.

The chickens are not thrilled, but some do venture out of their coops to have a look around.

Eleanor of course is completely in her element, running into the snow drifts and frolicking about.

Winter is for piling up on the couch and reading, too.

This week I finished a pullover for Soren. Just in time! A perfect wooly layer for these cold January days, it fits him just right.

And in case you’re wondering how to get a two-year-old to sit still for a few photos, a small bowl of animal crackers works nicely.

Cookies for a few photos for mama? Soren was happy to oblige.


Sweet boy!

And this! A yummy pile of yarn for a baby blanket I’m casting on for. Yes! We are expecting a little one in late June or early July. I do believe even a summer baby needs a good hand knit. Oh yes. Good things.

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.