Autumn Days

So many good things filling our days this October.

In the evening, Daniel is reading The Hobbit to Viggo.

By day, Viggo seeks goblins and giant spiders and dragons.

With a little time to knit here and there, I am making progress on a kerchief. I’m making it larger than the pattern is written so it’s on it’s way to becoming a cozy shawl. I’m so excited to wear it! I think it will be the perfect piece for layering on crisp fall days.

We are saving seeds, and making plans for next spring and summer. My intention is to just add a few things to our herb and flower garden: more milkweed, lavender, calendula and yarrow. My thought is that if I pick out a handful of seeds and plants and focus on tending and growing those well, they will be better off then if I try dozens of things that I can’t quite keep up with. Though those plans might change next March when we are starting seeds! I tend to get carried away after a long winter. (Ok, all year round? Hmm.) Plants are a salve for my soul.

Eleanor, taking everything in.


Something wonderful that is happening now! We are building a run on our large chicken coop. Though I say “we”, I really mean Daniel is building the run. I try to help here and there, but something always comes up. It goes something like this:

I take Soren in for a diaper change

outside again, I redirect the boys who are starting to paint themselves with mud

I run inside to get a snack for the boys

outside again for two minutes, Viggo is out of water, so I head back in to fill up canteens but on the way I notice Eleanor is almost out of water, so I stop and fill her bucket

inside I remember Viggo has on his last pair of clean shorts so start a load of laundry, then with filled canteens I head outside again, where I take the boys on a long wagon ride

So! In this particular season of parenthood and family life, one of us is usually running around or doing something so that the other can focus on getting a particular project done. That is just where we are, and that is just fine. And slowly but surely, the run is coming along wonderfully! I am so grateful for that.

I hope your October is full of good things too!

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.