December Days

December Days

In the seemingly endless gray and rain of winter, we have enjoyed some days filled with sunshine. When that happens, we head out.

The sheep are getting so very wooly! A bit messy too, as you can see. They don’t mind if they get a bit of breakfast stuck in their coats.


Our newest flock additions continue to be wayward. A few of them fly up to the top-most part of a holly tree to spend the night, while Lena, a little silver laced polish will settle down on the grass to sleep, always in a different place! So far we have done a good job of finding them and putting them safely in their coop for the night, or at least the ones we can reach- I do draw the line at climbing a tree to get them!

Inside, in the kitchen we are busy baking! Bread is a current favorite as I love to get the oven going on chilly mornings. I make a loaf for us to eat through the day and the boys get extra dough for creating sculptures. Can you tell what this one below is?

With darkness arriving so early in the evenings, we find ourselves turning to indoor activities that are usually set aside in spring and summer. After a long hiatus, Daniel and Viggo are back to work on a large mural in Viggo’s room.

Right now, it is a landscape with mountains and a castle, with characters from Tolkien. Smaug the dragon had to be painted first!

Eventually, Norse Mythology will also be incorporated— it will be wonderful to see the mural evolve.

Viggo especially loves to paint flames and waterfalls and secret dungeons. It has been wonderful to see the two of them work on this together. Despite my heart aching to get back outside and dig in the dirt, I so enjoy this time together- to be creative, inside.

And how are you dear friends? How is your winter?

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.