a skunk came to lunch one day

Over the last month or so I have tried to make a habit of waking up before the boys do.  This means that on most days I can have an hour or so to myself to sip coffee and knit. It has been such a good thing to start the day with a little quiet and time to just be, and I feel like I am making progress on my knitting projects (lately, a pullover for Soren). However, for the last few days, soon after I rise Soren senses that I am awake; this morning he popped his head up as soon as I got out of bed! Well. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try getting up even earlier.

Despite the first blackberries being picked over by the birds, the bushes seem to have recovered and the berries are coming in full force.  Now, most berries are eaten by the boys but I am also trying to save enough to make jam. (Another reason to get up early- go outside and pick blackberries!) Our peach tree is also full of fruit this year. In the last two weeks I've made at least three peach crumbles, following the recipe from Feeding the Whole Family. And sometimes, when it is late in the day I'll even serve it with a little coconut whipped cream and call it dinner.

I am so very grateful for all of the bounty that summer brings. It was such a long, cold winter that now I can't believe summer is even here. Of course I knew it would come, but sometimes when you are in something you'd rather not be, it can be so hard to see to the other side of it.

This weekend I have plans to work in the garden, and Viggo has already told me about his plans to make a pie! (Or was it just eat a pie? Hmm. ) Tell me, how are you enjoying summer right now?