Bending the Rules

Right off my needles: (no time for blocking!) a little cozy pullover. This particular pullover came about after another pullover was too small when I finished it. Though disappointing it was not surprising. It is hard to knit Viggo anything other than a hat because he is growing so fast! This time I made sure to knit him a bigger size, so that it will fit the rest of this winter and through the next.

All the while, he waited patiently as I redid the neckline and added sleeves. (Mama, are you done yet?) At long last, he scooped it up as soon as I cast off.  I didn't want to tell him I needed to do yet another thing before it was ready. Wash or steam it? Nope. Let it air dry? No thank you. All that pullover needed was to be worn, and maybe even snagged a little while climbing trees.

No time for blocking, you see?