End and Begin Again

We’ve been putting a lot of time into planting this spring; some things didn’t make it over winter (strawberries), while other things did but have been slowly trampled by a dog and children and foraging chickens (echinacea). Still some things are doing quite well- flourishing, in fact.

The blueberries are full of blooms…


and the blackberries too.

I am humbled by how much everything is beyond our control. But goodness, we do try our best, despite or because of that.

Calendula seedlings

The sheep are quite wooly right now; we plan to shear them this month and I do hope that happens. We have to wait until the weather is right, and then it has to be a day when Daniel and his brother are free to do the work. Though I have to say the sheep don’t seem to mind that they are still donning their winter coats in May- they are too happy foraging on grass.

The chickens are laying over a dozen eggs a day, so we are selling the surplus locally. The boys enjoy helping me collect and wash them, though sometimes I save that work for when I am alone- with their eagerness to help they can forget to be gentle!

The homeschooling co-op Viggo attends is winding down, with the final classes next week. He has enjoyed going and I’ve enjoyed spending time with other mamas, but I am looking forward to having our days open up, to simply be at home.

I am grateful for these shifts in time, the seasonal rhythms, the cyclical nature of things. There is so much happening in spring!

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.