A Little Help


Most nights, I cook dinner by myself. The boys play with Daniel while I move about the kitchen, chopping, measuring, mixing and cooking. But sometimes, I have help.

Sometimes, a certain five year old sees me working tortilla dough with a rolling pin and has to pull up a chair for a better look.

He watches and learns. He puts on his apron and asks if he can try.

Sometimes, I hesitate to say yes. I know I could do it faster by myself.

I weigh my desire to have dinner on time with his eagerness to try something new, to learn. Maybe he can set the table instead?

Despite my misgivings, I say Yes. Give it a try.

He works deftly, is joyfully lost to his task.

We work alongside each other at the counter, making dinner.

Sometimes it is good to have a little help in the kitchen.