In September

In September

September is one my favorite months. A full and busy month, to be certain, but also one of slow transitions.

Late summer brings us the start of a new year; our homeschool is in full swing again, which means a little more structure to our days balanced with plenty of free time outside.

Oh and outside, things are getting dry! The grass crunches underfoot. The sheep are eating hay. And although most everything seems scorched, and on their way out, our milkweed is really thriving. In the last week it has been buzzing with hummingbirds, monarch butterflies and caterpillars. 


Our pullets are looking more like their adult selves, and though timid they are enjoying time outside their coop. 

Did you know we have royalty in our family?

Why yes!


One king and a little prince.

With the temperature in the 90s it doesn't make much sense to be knitting, and yet I find myself reaching for it daily. I have a few quick projects in the queue, mostly hats and mittens for the boys. They have both outgrown their hand-knits from last year so I would like to have some things ready when cooler weather comes around.

I am knitting another balaclava for Soren, in some yarn I had left over from making these little gnomes. You might notice in the photo above that the yarn is slightly dirty and there is an Eleanor hair on it. Ha, goodness! I often have my knitting outside with me when the boys are playing, so my projects tend to get a little dirty. Perhaps these little woolens will make a seamless transition from my needles to the hands and heads of two very active boys.

We all have summer colds, so I made a fresh batch of elderberry syrup. My favorite recipe is the one here. It is especially good on pancakes ( or drizzled over a brownie or ice cream, after the boys have been put to bed!)

I hope your September is off to a good start!

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.