New Growth

New Growth

Little pullet, still growing into her adult self


The first of apple season

Earlier this summer we planted a few marsh milkweed plants outside our kitchen window and have since watched butterflies, caterpillars and hummingbirds visit. On some mornings, while eating breakfast, one of us would announce that a hummingbird was near the window and we would all flock to see, trying not to frighten it away. What an experience to see a hummingbird so close!

Last week, we noticed a fully-grown monarch caterpillar on our mock orange. It had made it’s way there from the milkweed nearby. After arranging itself carefully on the top-most leaf, It hung there patiently upside-down for about a day. Then one evening while I did chores, I saw it had changed into a chrysalis!

Now we check on it a few times a day to make sure that it is still there and safe. I think perhaps this weekend might be the right time for a butterfly to emerge; we are so excited to see!

Last weekend the four of us went to a local native plant sale; I wanted one of everything at least, but working within our budget I came home with a few elderberry plants, St. John’s Wort and echinacea. We planted everything and though I know it is too late in the season for much growth, I find myself checking on the little plants daily! Truly though, I like to check on all of my plants daily if I can. I like to see how they change everyday; often, it seems a plant is not doing much of anything, waiting and reserving energy perhaps, then suddenly, as if overnight, the plant will burst with new blooms and new growth.

Though I adore autumn, this summer has been a particularly magical one and I am sad to see it on its way out. It has been full of so many good things; an addition to our flock of chickens, the start of a medicinal herb garden, and Soren, unlike last summer when he was a baby, is a walking, curious, playful little toddler now. What an adventure it has been!

So now, I will enjoy this time between two wonderful, bountiful seasons. I’ll enjoy the open windows and screen doors, and the apples and tomatoes lined up on my kitchen counter. I’ll enjoy the cool mornings and the cicadas and crickets that are still singing.

Yes. Right here, right now is a good place to be.

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.