At Home

I've mentioned before that sometimes I will let go of the daily to-do's in order to be in the present moment and fully enjoy time with my boys. This is especially true in summer, when there is so much life happening outside, and I have to let some daily maintenance things linger a bit (you know, like folding laundry!).  

Well over the last week, it seemed everything came to a head: inside a thin film of dirt covered the floors, (my boys do have an affinity for dirt!) all of the messy surfaces, and then outside- goodness! The grass was growing tall in all the wrong places, and then there were the errant sticks and branches and rocks scattered about from the boys' play. 

Maybe it was the scorching August heat, but I felt overwhelmed. I felt a little tempted to pick up my knitting and just wait for the feeling to pass, but instead I decided to dive in. I cleaned and tidied the inside, and Daniel worked on the outside. 

So much better. The house was clean! We could walk out the front door without stepping over toy trucks and branches! Such a good feeling. 

But life keeps happening.

At some point, the scale tips from being a tidy "new normal"  to well, lived-in. Chaotic even! When that happens, I can try to adjust my perspective and see that our priorities are in the right place. That messy kitchen of ours is that way because we spend time cooking and eating together. My boys get so dirty (So! Dirty!) because they are fully immersed in their outdoor play. 

That is what is good. 


Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.