Pumpkins and Wool

Pumpkins and Wool

Every autumn, Viggo looks forward to carving pumpkins. In fact, he takes it rather seriously.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Viggo drew faces on paper until coming up with exactly the right one.


One pumpkin with a giant, toothy grin. (And mama thinks that the knight with the missing front teeth and equally toothy grin is especially wonderful. Goodness!)

While carving, Daniel was tossing the pumpkin innards to the chickens, and in the process his wedding band slipped right off. We looked everywhere for it to no avail, so Daniel borrowed a metal detector from work. With that we have found all sorts of interesting odds and ends- nails, hinges, handles, and a broken but still rather lovely brooch. Still, no wedding ring! I am hopeful it will turn up.


I finished knitting a pixie hat for Soren! I first knit one for him last year and as he has outgrown that one, I wanted him to have another for this autumn and winter. I love that it covers his ears and neck! And I can’t pass up a hat with a pointy, pixie top. The yarn is a lovely blue-green, leftover from knitting these little gnomes.

The weather right now is so perfectly autumn- warmish and cool and oh so cozy. It has me thinking of wool and casting on projects for the boys!

With little pockets of time here and there, I hope to knit a hat for Viggo and a sweater for Soren. Good, useful things for the season we are in!

What are you making these days?

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