Golden October

Last week was an especially full and good one; two family birthdays to celebrate and the completion of a six-month-long herbalism class. I finished the last of my class work in the early morning hours and very late at night, and it feels so satisfying to have turned everything in on time! This week feels like a good long exhale, where we are settling into our normal home rhythms again. It is good to be back here in this space too!

Viggo and I harvested goldenrod, which is growing in abundance right now. We brought some home to make a dye bath and of course some ended up in bouquets here and there around the house. It is so lovely and fragrant!

The goldenrod yielded colors more beautiful than I had hoped for! The cotton is a vibrant golden yellow, more so than in the photos. I hope to make a quilt with all of the fabric we are dyeing, and I think this gold will be a lovely compliment to this blush pink. We also dyed a hearty skein of handspun shetland wool; the result is a lovely yellow which, combined with the speckled natural brown color of the wool, reminds me of dried chamomile. I think there is just enough yarn there to make a hat for one of the boys!

What are you making and doing these days? I hope you are enjoying your October!

Knitter, plant lady, mama to two free-range kids.