To the Woods

Though the sun isn't yet up, Soren wakes. I scoop him up and we make our way to the kitchen, past Viggo's bedroom door.  I step carefully, avoiding the creaky spots on the old floor.

In the kitchen my husband is making coffee. I place Soren in the high chair and sleepily move about, gathering bowls, boiling water, measuring oats.  With a kiss, Daniel is out the door. The day begins.

It is filled with ordinary things: laundry, diaper changes, meals and clean up, play and messes. But at some point in the afternoon, after too many redirections and too many raised voices (don't take things from your brother's hands!), I know we need a change. To the woods, then! I bundle up the boys and we are off.

In the woods the air is cold and stings our cheeks.  The trees are bare, dormant and waiting, resting.  The boys explore, each in their own way; I find a log to sit on nearby, closing my eyes to feel the elusive winter sun.

Soon it will be time to go home. Dinner will be made and we will slip into our usual evening routine. But not yet. Right now, this is what we need. It is so good to be here.