Room to Grow

Our little family is in the process of looking for a new home.  Specifically, a forever home to put down our roots.
There are plans for sheep (I've been dreaming of my own fiber flock), a few bee hives, an orchard.  Not to mention the house that I've been building in my head for years. Hard wood floors, tall windows, a wood stove, built in book shelves....
Our home now is all of 800 cozy square feet.  We have made the best of it, and there are many things about it that are perfect: our sweet little chickens that can be heard clucking outside from any room in the house, the sunlight that dances all day in our south facing living room.  We often see deer in the woods behind us.
Yes, there are good things. 
But everyday, I hope we get closer to finding our forever home.  I often wonder if we are getting closer, when there is not a tangible way to mark progress in any direction. 
I remind myself that this is a chapter in our story, and that where we are now is really just the beginning.  There are so many things to be grateful for (especially for that sweet boy above, on his first outing picking blackberries yesterday. Goodness.)