Outside and In

The season is shifting from spring to summer and we find ourselves busy with things to do outside and in. Daniel and I are trying to keep up with the weeds in the garden. Viggo has set up a "chicken cafe" for the chickens. He has put quite a bit of time into it, setting up seats and tables and making an elaborate menu. My favorite dish- mud pies sprinkled with "cardamom and trouble". ha!

Fruit season is in full swing and I am trying to preserve some of the bounty for later. My hope is that we will have strawberry jam and other things put by for winter, by I am not sure my boys will wait that long!

Today is stormy and we will be inside. There is a blanket fort in the works and an afternoon library trip planned- I have The Wonderful Adventures of Nils on hold for Viggo. Soren doesn't care for thunder so I suspect he will be nearby for most of this morning (in fact, he is wiggling on my lap as I type this).  I hope to find a little time to work on a hat I just cast on. Simple, good things.

Tell me, what do you like to do on rainy days?