On Sunday, from where I cooked dinner in the kitchen I thought I heard something coming from the barn. Chirping? Yes chirping, I was sure of it. I headed outside to see what was happening.

There tucked beside their mother were two wet, squeaky little chicks!  Our fiercely broody hen Penelope spent three weeks sitting and nesting, and here two eggs had just hatched. The three of them will stay in the barn until the chicks are a bit older, then they will join the rest of the flock. Goodness! Two new chicks.

We harvested our concord grapes and made a small batch of jam, a real pleasure as I am not sure I have smelled anything so pure and wonderful as a ripe concord grape. Summer, right now, is so good. Our day makes it own rhythm: when it is too hot to stay outside we venture in, then wander back out when the worst heat has passed and it is time to do evening chores.
 The light is shifting and the days are getting just a little shorter, the sun comes up later. Hello September.