Every New Season

We are spending more and more time outside lately, a welcome shift in the rhythm of our days.

Yesterday  Daniel and Viggo started our garden, beets and carrots and greens.  It is a modest garden but one that has what we use the most.  I am so looking forward to eating from it! I know I am not the only one.  This morning Viggo, putting on his boots and heading out the door said, "I'm going to see if those beets are coming up!"

This is only the second spring on this little homestead of ours, and I have high hopes for the future.  I dream of a hedge of blueberries and blackberries and elderberries, flower beds with milkweed, black-eyed susans, coneflowers, cosmos, all sprawling and wild. A trellis with beans, giant pumpkins in the fall, and a good old outdoor sink for washing vegetables.

Here and now, with a new baby and a four year old we are doing what our time and budget allows (oh yes, you too?).We are off to a small start, but it is something good all the same.

I feel grateful to be where we are right now, and I am so happy to have spring here again.