Autumn Wander
Autumn so far has been balmy.  The grass is dry underfoot, crunching, everything is thirsty and wanting rain.  Just in the last two days, the leaves have started to change, a spectacle of fiery glory.

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant.  Golly, am I slowing down! I feel torn between wanting to clean the house and get through a to-do list before baby comes and well, knitting.  Knitting makes me feel like I have some control over all the change that is about to happen.  I want to feel like I am ready, whatever that means, so I knit.  I am not sure of the how and why of it, but knitting always seems to be a good idea.

Yesterday the three of us went for a walk in the woods.  Or for a wander rather, as we are not really there to hike. I am so grateful for my boys, for this season we are in.  It is so, so good.