An Evening with Dragons

This past Thursday was Michaelmas, so we celebrated with a shadow puppet play.

Have you ever seen one? They are really quite enchanting.

After the sun went down, we put up a sheet on the laundry line and set up a flashlight behind.

Viggo had a hard time staying in the audience! He was so excited about the flashlight and the puppets, then the neighbor's wandering kitten came for a visit. Then he just wanted to be "behind the scenes". Next time I will include him in the performing part.

I used a story of St. George in which he doesn't slay the dragon, but tells the dragon he will have mercy on him if he stops eating the village. The dragon accepts, and well, as it goes, every one lives happily ever after!

We had a wonderful time with the puppets, and can't wait to have more shows. Daniel and I plan to make puppets for a performance of The Land of Long Ago by Elsa Beskow, one of Viggo's favorite books. And perhaps a story made up by Viggo? Oh yes, so many possibilities!