A Growing Flock

This week our new chicks arrived! Early Tuesday morning I got a call from the post office that our package of chicks was ready to be picked up, and so I loaded the boys into the car and off we went.  This is the third time that I have made such a drive.  Six years ago I picked up my very first flock of five (with two australorps and three silkie bantams). That flock came to us in the first season of our homesteading journey; we felt so strongly the need to slow down and work more with our hands, to cultivate and grow and be just a little more of a producer and less of a consumer. After we got our chicken flock, I felt empowered to do more (I do believe chickens are the gateway into homesteading!); I started my first garden and put by my first batch of strawberry jam.... and on and on it went! All small parts of a bigger picture, meaningful in their own way.

It has been wonderful to add to our flock since then. Three years ago when Viggo was a toddler we added a few chickens, and this week we added 10! A wonderful variety including wyandottes, cochins and two polish. So if you are looking for us, chances are we will be outside, in the barn, visiting with the newest part of our flock.